Unlocking the Value of Community

Habitat makes cryptocurrencies accessible, supports innovative communities, and grows revolutionary ideas.

About Habitat

Habitat connects creators with supporters through collaborative networks managed by trusted curators. The platform streamlines access into token based projects and allows people to connect around common visions.

Elements of a Habitat

A Habitat is a curated information market where like minded people coordinate and create value together. Initially, habitats are built by trusted curators who bring awareness to projects aligned with the habitat’s vision. Habitats can support coordinated acquisitions of tokens, or infrastructure to execute a specific activity.
Habitat is the evolution of internet forums, where people aggregate around shared interests. Integrating programmable money allows users to benefit both economically and socially.

Use cases for Habitat include:
  • 1 Token Launch Syndication
  • 2 Society or Community Planning
  • 3 Funding of Ethical projects


Supporting a Habitat makes it simple to get involved in the projects that you care about. Trusted curators provide awareness of and access only to tokens aligned with a shared vision.

  • 1 Join trusted networks
  • 2 Quickly support promising crypto-projects
  • 3 Gain access to a high quality education portal


As trusted experts, curators build collaborative networks by connecting supporters to the best opportunities. Curators find projects and share them with their communities to support the growth of ideas.

  • 1 Connect quality projects with supporters
  • 2 Build community based on a common vision or ethos
  • 3 Generate value from their expertise


Creators use Habitat to find supporters and grow their idea. By becoming a Creator, entrepreneurs and innovators can utilize Habitat to develop their token model, launch their venture, and find supporters invested in their success.

  • 1 Access a relevant user base for their project
  • 2 Connect with communities of like minded supporters
  • 3 Empower like minded individuals to benefit economically and socially


  • 1
    January 2017
    Research and Concept
  • 2
    March 2017
    Build Team
  • 3
    August 2017
    Habitat Dashboard and Token Launch
  • 4
    November 2017
    Habitat v1 - Additional Habitats created
  • 5
    Early 2018
    Habitat Templates
Wizards, Alchemists and Gurus


Jake Vartanian



Blockchain Architect

Simone Giacomelli

Coordination Alchemist

Valerio Versace

Security/Cloud Architect

Micah Spruill

Token Advisor

Amith Nirgunarthy

Content Guru

Wiley Matthews

Master Networker

Simone Imbrescia

Trouble Maker/Solver

Marcello Mari

PR Wizard

Garrett MacDonald

Development Magician

Brad Mills

FOMOnomic Advisor

Marco Serafino

Visual Designer